OIST Research Internship Program

Opis prakse

The OIST Graduate School offers education and research opportunities through their Research Intern program. The duration of the internship is typically from 2 to 6 months. These short-term placements give students the opportunity to gain experience in a particular laboratory or to learn a specific technique. Interns will work under the direction of a Professor and contribute to the research activities of OIST.

Internships may begin and end at any time during the year, with two application periods. For details about the application process and deadlines, please see the section “Apply to Research Internship.”


Internship Allowance

  • JPY 2,400 per working day (taxable and weekends excluded)

Commuting Allowance

  • OIST Shuttle Bus Pass

Travel Expenses

  • One direct round-trip air ticket (travel date will be closest date to the term of placement)

Overnight Accommodation

  • Furnished apartment on or off campus

How to apply?

Online application.  Before applying see FAQ.
For more information please visit the official website. 
Read more: http://www.mladiinfo.eu/2021/03/26/oist-research-internship-program/#ixzz6qajQ5MPK