Otvoren poziv za praksu u Njemačkoj za dvije osobe

Opis prakse

Dear youth of ours 👫, this year we are early with New Year’s surprises 🎉, but don’t be surprised because we still do everything to #MAKETHEWORLDWONDER, so #BRAVO to us.

And now great #BRAVO 👏to all of you who live and fight 💪diabetes, and #BRAVO to all of you who are day by day identifying 💡and removing ❌existing barriers for people with diabetes.

This time in cooperation with the organization Jugendhilfe und Sozialarbeit e.V., we present the second generation of Internship in Germany – ASA Program.

For the project, we are looking 👀 for 2️⃣ people with knowledge 🧠 and experience 🖇 in organizing events, public relations and implementing projects. All these skills will be used to promote ways to remove existing barriers for people with diabetes.

Now, after reading this and after throwing you into thinking, visit our website @bravo.bih and find more information about this wonderful project at the following link 👇:


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